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Food Recap Twin Peaks s01e04: Rest in Pain

I’m recapping all food from Twin Peaks! Spoiler alert…because there is SO much food it often overlaps with actual plot.

This is the week of delightfully detailed food ordering.


Cooper invites Audrey for breakfast, she declines because she’s in a hurry (but then they sit down anyway for some light handwriting analysis).


Harry and Lucy come to meet Cooper about his batty dream. Trudy, two more coffees.


Then we get the best Great Northern breakfast order in the world: Short stack of griddlecakes, melted butter, maple syrup, lightly heated, slice of ham. Nothing beats the taste sensation when maple syrup *clap* collides with ham.

I love it! I really can’t get over Cooper’s childlike enthusiasm, it’s great. And I am also into sweet and salty together, so I feel you.


Norma shares a tense, somewhat threatening coffee with Hank’s lawyer.


Not really food, but it was swallowed and partially dissolved by stomach acid…(sorry guys)…the letter J.


Albert accuses Cooper of snacking on the local mushrooms, which is valid as a scene or two ago Cooper was thinking to buy property.


Shelly’s doing a little dinner theater for some RR customers after Laura’s funeral.


And the old dudes are eating it up! Let’s see, we’ve got some typical RR fare: burger, fries, soda, and pie of course!


Hank tells Harry and Hawk that Cooper isn’t one of them..but he is! Listen to this order! Norma, slice of huckleberry pie, heated, ice cream on the side, coffee.

And then: This must be where pies go when they die. Still mixing food and death phrasing…


The Book House. The coffee’s free.


Josie, sipping on some white wine with Harry.


And..To Laura. Godspeed.

Check back soon for another damn good food recap. In the meantime, you can check our Twin Peaks episode on Fiction Kitchen Podcast!

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