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Food Recap Twin Peaks s01e05: The One Armed Man

I’m recapping all food from Twin Peaks! Spoiler alert…because there is SO much food it often overlaps with actual plot.


At the Palmer’s, Maddie offers refreshment for the madman vision police sketching. Great coffee pot.


Will you be having coffee, Deputy Brennan? Don’t say yes, Andy! It’s a trap!


Jacobi schools us on Hawaiian ginger and its effects on sexual confusion. Cooper needs a strong cup of coffee to deal with these antics.


Yuck, these two again. White wine. Catherine says she’s famished, but she thinks room service is probably too much to expect from this rusticated mildew farm.


I took this screenshot solely to showcase the mushroom wallpaper in Shelly’s kitchen, which I’ve mentioned before. She’s got the cutest little mushroom salt and pepper shakers too.


I’m not a fan of the bitches be crazy talk and hacky Native American mysticism in this scene, but I do enjoy Coopers response to Lucy’s lament about the vet files being organized by name of the pet:

We’re going to need some more coffee.

My philosophy exactly, there are not a lot of unsolvable problems that start with coffee.


GIANT ICE CREAM CONE! I had not noticed before that it says “EAT-IT-ALL.”


Donna’s on the phone with James, tells him they are preparing for a church potluck at their house.

Doc Hayward from the kitchen: Who the heck ever heard of diet lasagna? FOR REAL.

The contrast between serious practitioner Doc Hayward and dorky dad Doc Hayward is real, the first time I watched this it took me awhile to remember it was the same character.


Maddie’s picking up food at the RR for the Palmers and jokes about her cooking.


Coffee and bird searching.


Josie very sweetly offers to make Pete a turkey sandwich. He sees that Catherine’s not around so he can sneak some mayonnaise, which Josie slathers on. (I like mayo, but this closeup is gross).


Aaand, some creepy domino sucking. Congratulations Hank, you are official the skeeviest character in Twin Peaks (at least for the moment).

Check back soon for another damn good food recap. In the meantime, you can check our Twin Peaks episode on Fiction Kitchen Podcast!

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