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Food recap: Twin Peaks s01e01 (the pilot)

I’m recapping all food from Twin Peaks! Spoiler alert…because there is SO much food it often overlaps with actual plot.

Recipes (so far) from this episode

Right from the first episode we get the motifs of coffee, cherry pie, and donuts that pretty much define the show. There’s a ton of food in the feature-length pilot, so let’s get started….

The very first food scene we are treated to in Twin Peaks is when Pete comes in to fill his thermos with coffee and is greeted by Catherine’s resting bitch face.

You know who else drinks coffee? Sheriff Harry S. Truman.

Two average, not at all creepy households.
The Palmers: some sweet product placement with Quaker oatmeal and Captain Crunch. Fruit in a basket. Shiny carafe. Coffee perhaps?
The Briggs: Also a carafe, cute little spice rack.

Nice big hotel breakfast at the Great Northern for the Norwegians. Braided bread? And a carafe, of course. Not food related, but this watch I’m noticing how Ben Horne is always in front of a roaring fire, à la Satan.

First sighting of The RR! Based on the real-life Twedes Cafe. So much of our show food comes from here.

You know who else drinks coffee? Bobby Briggs.

Norma serves coffee, and behind Shelly is a full case of pie. This is not the last we’ll see of that pie.

I don’t think that’s coffee.
PS, “I thought I was your little pick-me-up” is the cutest line ever and Shelly is the best.

Ed to James: “Buy you a coffee?” TV seems to think highschool kids drinking coffee is a thing – is it really? I guess I shouldn’t get too hung up on highschool accuracy since they don’t really bother to go to school much after the first couple of episodes, that is until Nadine becomes a mental teenage, gets superhuman strength, and joins the wrestling team.

COOPER!!! To Diane: Lunch was $6.31 at the Lamplighter Inn on HWY 2 near Louis Fork. That was tuna fish sandwich on whole wheat, slice of cherry pie and a cup of coffee. Damn good food. Diane, if you ever get up this way, that cherry pie is worth a stop.

From Laura’s diary: Asparagus for dinner again. I hate asparagus. Does this mean I’ll never grow up?
Oh wow, sad. Feel the weight of that one for a minute.

Diane, I am holding in my hand a small box of chocolate bunnies.
This may be the moment I decided I loved Twin Peaks.

It’s a beautiful day for a picnic.

We don’t yet know if Audrey Horne drinks coffee, but we do know she’ll use it to eff up your desk. Audrey is way more annoying than sexy in the pilot.

The Hornes, having a SUPER awkward tea.

Between Husband of the Year Leo, Your Idiot Boyfriend Bobby, and actual decent people Norma and Ed – well, they are having an affair, but compared to these other two? – there’s a fair amount of beer drinking going on.

“Do you think they spotted us?” “Get me a donut.”
…and I guess they got donuts!

Aaand we wrap up the episode with one of Lucy’s classic donut spreads. A policeman’s dream. Extra jelly donuts for Agent Cooper, extra decaf for Andy.

Check back soon for another damn good food recap. In the meantime, you can check our Twin Peaks episode on Fiction Kitchen Podcast!

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