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Game of Thrones Potluck: Winterfell

As I’ve probably mentioned, I’m completely obsessed with Game of Thrones, as are my sisters and friends. We’ve been watching the show, reading the books, and most recently we (and the rest of our potluck people) have been cooking the food!

Our first potluck was in dreary January at my sister’s house, and the wintery food of Winterfell sounded like a good place to start. She set her table beautifully with white and silver – Stark house colors! – and we loaded it up with delicious Northern fare.


Winterfell – The Menu

Thanks to all the dear friends who contributed!

Onion Tarts
(Recipe coming)

Turnip Soup
(Recipe modified from A Feast of Ice and Fire – they were supposed to be mashed turnips but they came out very thin so I added broth and made them into a soup)

Roast Aurochs with Carrots, Garlic, and Leeks
(Recipe from A Feast of Ice and Fire)

Buttered Beets
(Recipe from A Feast of Ice and Fire)

Mixed Greens, Blackberry and Walnut Salad with Mustard Seed Vinaigrette
(Recipe coming)

(Hot tip: you eat the skin! News to us ignorant peasants)

Baked Apples
(Recipe from A Feast of Ice and Fire)

My friend craftily made wine labels which I got a kick out of: Arbor Gold and Dornish Red. A lovely time was had by all.

We had our next potluck, Across the Narrow Sea, just last weekend at House Rashid, so I will be recapping our spicy exotic menu soon (as well as the recipes above).

We’ve been using several sources for inspiration. My sister gave my other sister and I A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook for Christmas, and we’ve been cooking medieval fare from it quite a bit. The authors’ blog Inn at the Crossroads is also a wealth of recipes straight from the books. We’ve also been just cooking whatever we feel is appropriate and mixes in well with the rest of the dishes, whether we get the idea from somewhere or just feel inspired to experiment in our own kitchens.

The Game of Thrones themes have managed to revive potluck – the group has taken a few years’ hiatus with a lone potluck thrown in here and there, but now we’ve already have had two and we have two more scheduled in the coming weeks. Besides an excuse to get together with good friends, it’s a fun way to learn more about medieval cooking, and a delicious way to get our Game of Thrones fix until the next season starts!

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