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Game of Thrones Potluck: Queen in the North

Happy Game of Thrones season! I’m celebrating per usual by cooking the food and listening to a TON of podcasts (also contemplating rereads and wearing geeky t-shirts).

Traditionally, my sister – lovely and generous, with a great house and also HBO – hosts a premiere party for our friends (I’ll link up past parties for the awesome menus) but unfortunately this year she was on a work trip. Hmph, priorities. We’ll probably be able to rally for another ep this season, but I didn’t want to forgo the premiere dinner, so I planned a somewhat humble menu for home. I based it around Sansa, our brave Queen in the North. I think I truly fell in love with her in dark form, watching her descend the staircase in her black mockingbird dress. In the book it was with her heartbreakingly beautiful snow castle scene. She’s had a terrible time and this season I think we’re hoping she’ll get what we all want – REVENGE! I mean…anyway…

I present, our Queen in the North menu! If it looks like something you’d enjoy, check back, I’ll be adding the recipes to the site in the coming weeks.

Queen in the North


A medieval style wine-marinated spiced goat curry

Scalloped Turnips

A recreation of a scalloped potato dish I love, adapted to be less anachronistic #FuckOlly

Buttered Leeks

Rhymes with Reek, dead simple, and my daughter ate them without protest. What else can I say?

Barley Bread

This was only so so….working on a recipe I can get behind

Rosemary Lemon Cakes

I’m creating variations that follow sweet Sansa around the map, these are the Northern version. See my rosey Southern version (for House Tyrell, especially Margaery) on Fiction Kitchen Podcast

Recipes coming soon! The North remembers. Will also link up some other awesome bloggers cooking A Song of Ice and Fire food, as well as all the podcasts I enjoy.

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