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Spicy Grilled Corn

One of my favorite things about our trips to Pakistan is that en route to anywhere, there are venders along the road where we would always stop to explore; to buy fruit, to shop for pottery, to drink tea, to eat corn!

The corn sellers will let you choose your own ear, then they cook it by tossing it a pit of salt roasting over coals – the salt is blackened from roasting. Once it’s cooked, they wrap it in newspaper, and you can enjoy right it on the side of the road.

We recreate this almost every time we grill, because it is dead simple and delicious. It’s just corn, plain, unadulterated, on the grill, with a lime and chili masala to flavor it afterwards. I cut mine off the cob (#bracelife), and the kids devour it plain.

Desi Bhutta (Spicy Grilled Corn)

This is barely a recipe so much as a technique. Take however many ears of corn, husk them and clean them, then grill until charred all over. If you aren’t grilling, you can also do this on a cookie sheet under the broiler, turning occasionally so they get a char.

Once cooked, mix salt and red chili. Cut a lime in half, dip it in the salt and chili, and rub all over the corn. Enjoy!

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